100% Human Wet and Wavy Hair Tangle-Free

Harlem 125 Indian Wet and Wavy hair is a pre-cut package of hair.

The 5 pieces are 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, and 14″ pre cut for fast application.

It’s tangle-free high grade remi that has long life span with a natural look and feeling.

For a wavy or curly look, just spray the hair with water then gently press the hair with a towel starting from the roots to the ends.

For sleek and straight hair, simply use a flat iron to straighten your hair.

Caring Instructions

For the best results, thoroughly wash and dry your hair prior to applying the weave.

Weave each row sparingly for a more natural appearance and easier maintenance.

Gently wash the hair with water, avoiding any harsh rubbing or handling.

To maintain your curly and wet style, lightly use gel, mousse and oil sheen. Be aware if you have bonded the weave, oil sheen may cause the weave to detach the weave from the bond.

When combing your weave, always first comb the ends of your hair then comb upward to your roots.

Please consult a professional beautician or stylist before removing your weave.

For beautiful curls, do not brush or comb the hair when dry, instead we recommend using a large-tooth comb or your fingers while the hair is wet.

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